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Leather cleaning and protection Kit

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Our kit provides everything you need for the care of leather product.
The package contains:
- Mild cleaner that deep cleans the leather while respecting its natural aspect
- Protective, which creates a barrier against stains
- Stain remover for ink that allows you to remove stains recent ballpoint pen, lipstick and chocolate .



Our kit provides everything you need for the care of leather product.

Leather Cleaner and Leather Protector should be part of a regular schedule of cleaning and protection. For high use pieces, such as automotive seats, recliners, or family room furniture, cleaning is recommended monthly. For lesser-used pieces, full cleaning and protection should be 2-4 times per year.

Technical Sheet

Technical Sheet

The package contains:

Leather Cleaner 250 ml

Leather Cleaner is a balanced, neutral pH water-based cleaner product to gently clean, but thoroughly enhance the natural beauty and feel of the leather. Some non-specialized cleaning solutions or household detergents leave a residue that will harm the flexibility of the leather and reduce wet rub resistance. Leather Cleaner is most effective for cleaning general soiling, protein or water-based stains. Leather Cleaner is formulated for use on all grained leather, topcoated and aniline.

 Pre-Test: Prior to use pre-test the product to see if the leather is colorfast. To pretest take a soft white cloth and dampen with plain water. Lightly rub the leather on a hidden area to see if color is removed to the cloth. If color is removed with plain water is certain that any solution will also remove color. Do not use the cleaner and contact a specialist. If the first test is clear, repeat with Leather Cleaner and make sure you are satisfied with the result.

 Directions: Always test the color fastness before treatment. Vacuum clean the leather with a soft-tipped brush. Shake the bottle well. Use gloves. Wet a sponge with Leather Cleaner, squeeze out the excess and dab until the soil is dissolved. Do not rub! Wipe away all residue with a clean non-abrasive cloth. Clean leather with a wet sponge dampened in water. Allow to dry, remove all traces using Leather Cleaner, then treat with Leather Protector.


- Leather Protector 100 ml

Water-based protective cream that creates an invisible barrier on leather preventing every day dirt from penetrating. It provides softness and shine to leather thanks to its natural ingredients. Over time, undetectable body oils and acids that naturally come into contact with the leather and without proper cleaning and re-protection will cause cracking, peeling or discoloration. This problem is very evident when looking at steering wheels, door handles, or the inside collar of a leather jacket. Leather Protector is a highly advanced product to assist leather in repelling oil, alcohol, protein and water-based stains. Leather Protector has been designed for use on all grained leather, top coated and aniline.

- Ink Remover 20 ml

Ink Remover is for cleaning fresh ballpoint ink or lipstick from topcoated leather, vinyl or vinyl-like surfaces. Sometimes, Ink Remover may be used on fresh stains on bycast and aniline leather that have had prior treatment with Leather Protector.On some aniline leather, it may cause darkening that disappears in a couple of days. To test, apply the product in a hidden area to check the outcome.

Removal becomes increasingly more difficult with time. Permanent markers contain solvents to increase the penetration of the dye and will not likely be removed.

- 1 sponge

- 1 cloth



All products are water-based and can be used on any Leather color. For all leather types except Nubuck and suede.



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